This Lankan Alternative educationist globally elevated a green solution to save the blue!

They say that firecrackers come in small packages.  Meet a firecracker, packaged small in the education industry of Sri Lanka! This firecracker didn’t just whizz into an international platform with confidence but brought home the trophy of Global Winners!

On 5th March 2020 on live Schools Now! Conference 2020 was held in Cairo, Egypt. British Council announced Al Iman Schools, Colombo as the global winner for this year’s Your World Video Competition! Above all, this is the very first Sri Lankan victory in this competition, making mother Lanka proud!

Al Iman is proud of her role as the catalyst to life-long learning in the community and society, at large. An organically growing learning space in the outskirts of Colombo, breathes a rich value-based system from preschool through secondary education. Imanians, is what they call themselves, are exposed to mature life skills early on in age to be skill-savvy. Hence, the global win was humbly anticipated.


The year started off pretty hectic with the prep work of the Your World Video Competition for 2019-2020 themed Waters of the World guided by the British Council Sri Lanka. With 6 global regions and well over 3000+ students taking part world-wide, competing to provide a solution for water conservation. As a result, Imanians were at a different wavelength. Certainly, they were delighted that this international stage would shed some green light to an ongoing project at Al Iman. Which is ; Aquaponics – a global solution to water waste.

Aquaponics is a seemingly unheard concept here in Sri Lanka. But on the other hand, as per Imanian research, but is no stranger to this community school. After a lengthy sorting, one Mr. Ruwan Ekanayake – an expert representing Dilmah Conservation – a project by Dilmah Tea, describes it as a way of ‘saving the planet and people’. Further, here’s the more ‘Sciency’ definition. Aquaponics is a type of indoor farming where maintenance of sustainable vegetation and marine life can take place parallelly. In addition, a constant rotation of the same water will assist water conservation. Which will help increase the 2% of fresh water of the 75% water on the planet.

Example of an Aquaponic project which can be done

The Journey

The team of the three lads and the two ladies aged between 14 to 17 years, set to sail the ship of water conservation awareness! Moreover, their educators facilitated this journey in Imanian styled pedagogy. Most importantly, with an eye for detail, creativity in mind, hard work in sight and much faith in heart, the quintet let no typical student hurdle slow them down! Pacing all the way up in the clouds, winning air tickets! That’s right! In short, the team of five students and one educator have been awarded a trip to the United Kingdom to attend a summer school at a British Council accredited school.

The Imanians have already started saving the world with the infusion of a couple of units at school! Most importantly, they have shown the world that anyone could, too.