At Iman Academy we prioritize student participation and understanding. Each individual student is valued and catered to his or her learning style – allowing visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners to flourish. Furthermore, we promote different viewpoints which allow for open minded, well rounded children to develop. Within the Imanian walls, our students learn respect for themselves, others and their surroundings. In addition, they gain a measure of self-control and discipline along with perseverance, resourcefulness and creativity.

Value Based Nurturing

Values and ethics are immersed within our curriculum. This allows us to build character traits that is required to be a learner. Which is very important in this whole exercise of educating ourselves towards a better future. Using this approach, we students are awakened to our unique identity. We are aware that this identity is towards doing that which is right, no matter how hard it may seem, and spreading goodness through learning and daily living.

Active Learning in the Classroom

At Iman Academy, we are taught through active sessions. This allows us to analyse and experiment with our work. As such, this practical, visual way of learning helps raise our level of understanding. What’s more, this learning method brings out the curiosity in us. We have come to understand that, active learning is proven to increase focus, stimulate engagement and critical thinking skills. For example, you will find us students learning using games, manipulatives and peer work. As a result of this enhanced learning experience, we are naturally eager to learn and grow.

In the words of an Imanian..

The moment I walked through the open doors of Al Iman Schools, was the moment that changed my life. Al Iman schools nurtured me to be the person I am today. Every morning I would wake up feeling hopeful to know that there is a new adventure awaiting to be experienced inside this homely building. This school showed me who I am and what I am capable of. Walking this journey as an Imanian for the past 7 years opened a pathway of incredible experiences, opportunities and new bonds between my educators and my peers. I am forever grateful, Alhamdullillah!

Hasuna Subahan (Year 9 – 2019/2020)

To me, Al Iman is like a lamp which guides me during my darkest days. I was homeschooled, but the moment I joined this school the atmosphere around me was very pleasant and merry. Everyone provided a  helping hand and whenever one of us was in a pickle we were always there to help out. The teachers around were always ready to help out and most of the time, with a watchful eye, looked over us and corrected our mistakes.  Al Iman schools will always be cherished in my heart and can never be erased.

Abdullah Racip (Year 8 – 2019/2020)

A place of freedom, freedom to be who you are, while every being around you will support you in what you do and what you want to do. It may be to pursue your dream, reach your potential or be the person you want to be.

This place molded me into being me, it gave me countless opportunities to ensure that my skill and talent, which was ever hidden within those walls, creeped out, smashed the walls of my skin and exposed itself to me as well as everyone around me. 

We may be small, but enormous in places that are beyond our thoughts, enormous in giving each and every participant of this school a chance to change- dwell with their countless opportunities.

Zufra Zuhrie (Year 10 – 2019/2020)