Our journey began in the minds of two people through a light that ignited the passion to educate and illuminate little minds to be the change that the world is desperately in need of. In a little three roomed house, colorful and inspiring learning spaces were laid out, inviting a new generation of learners to be daringly different. The sun was shining brightly on a beautiful morning in February 2008, when three little learners aged 3-4 years, clad in peach and purple began their learning journey under the umbrella of Al Iman Schools.

Every journey has a vision and visionary who paves the way to lay the pathway with great precision. This vision has a purpose non other than to harness character and skill to spread goodness. To support this visionary and enhance the vision, a small team of young women stepped forward with energy, enthusiasm and deep felt passion. Stepping into a venture that involved mentoring curious young minds. Three students and three educators set out each day to learn and teach with love, movement, colour and creativity. And so began the Iman Academy journey with the purest of intentions and astounding passion.

Nurturing every child with strong moral and ethical character traits required role-models who taught students how to navigate themselves through trials and tribulations. Iman Academy was blessed with many individuals who were passionate about celebrating the individual child through care and kindness. These were the traits that provided children a home away from home and a closely knit family atmosphere. An atmosphere that set out to let learners, free to find themselves, identify their potential and learn to equip themselves to be the best version, of their own beautiful selves.

We invite you to visit us to catch a glimpse of what makes Iman Academy unique learning environment!