If you’ve been around Iman Academy, you’ll see them-mothers. Mothers in action.

True to the core- Iman Academy is indeed a community school. Every member in our Imanian family is valued and welcomed and we realize that though we all cannot do everything, we all CAN do something!

Who Are We?

Mothers for Iman Academy is a voluntary group made up of mothers’ who have come together for one purpose but have benefited from many. We have a team of office bearers who are actively involved in projects. These team members plan, coordinate and execute projects to assist the school by organizing fundraisers and skill building workshops.

Our fundraisers are spread out throughout the year and we are – ever so grateful to all our patrons, without whose support we cannot have got this far!

We’ve had workshops training in the traditional art of Batik and even a Janaza shrouding workshop. The response received has been phenomenal – Alhamdulillah!

Bi-annual motherly evenings were held to strengthen the bond between Imanian mums in an environment that facilitates meeting and greeting along with dressing up and an evening filled with fun and games.

Bonding and sisterhood is encouraged so much at Iman Academy that mothers’ even had a session for themselves to perform at the Girls’ Performance Day and a mothers’ race is a must-have at every Imanian sportsdays!

Membership is open to all Imanian Mothers’ and application forms are available at the school offices. This application form has been carefully designed and is targeted to highlight and bring out the talents that we are blessed with. We support our mum-preneurs and their business endeavours.

We look forward to having you on board as we warmly welcome you to the Imanian family.

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