Having co-founded Iman Academy in 2008, towards providing a relevant and dynamic education, full of significant learning experiences, I am deeply humbled by the many milestones this educational establishment has achieved thus far. The most vital ingredient that has contributed towards the early beginnings and the journey thus far is indeed ‘faith’. The school was founded and operations began with my 3 children based on the strong faith that an education that incorporates values, will indeed be, acknowledged, accepted and appreciated by a wider community.

The faith we had in ourselves to provide a tailor made education, stemming out of a need for the education of my own children. The faith we have in our Maker to make this effort a life-changing experience to everyone involved. The faith we have in our Educators to transform little lives, so that the love of learning is firmly inculcated within them.

I have a vision for this homely learning environment to prosper and be a part of the making of responsible citizens of this community and country. In my experience the most significant change in an individual, both young and old, can be brought about through love and care.

So here we are, willing to provide that platform necessary for your child to perform, and be their own unique selves. I find it an honour to inspire and educate your young ones and care for them as my own, with the Imanian touch, and do everything within my ability to provide the best learning experience that remains with them throughout a life-time, God Willing!

Best Wishes,

Rukshana Hassen