Iman Academy firmly asserts that “the quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its educators”. Educators play an integral role in shaping the next generation of any society. The carefully structured ongoing Professional Development initiative KEY (Keep Educating Yourself) at the Iman Academy equips the educators with the necessary skills, competencies, character, values and attitudes to be role models and inspire young learners. As a community member being socially responsible and doing what is best by community interest is vital. With an integrated value-based system this approach is what the SDMC system of Iman Academy revolves around.

Ongoing Professional Development and Training sessions covered under KEY

  • Staff care and management – Hearts and minds are given ear to
  • Building inter-staff relationships
  • Social & emotional growth of the child and gender stereotyping
  • Parent-staff partnerships
  • Multi-cultural education/curriculum
  • Classroom dynamics: environment, innovation and project ideas
  • Handling of emergency situations
  • Review of all school policies and regulations
  • Imanian Integration and value-based education in classroom sessions
  • Evidence Based Teaching (EBT) practices
  • Community Based Learning (CBL)