By Sameeha Jhan

Iman Academy is humbled by the outstanding achievements of our students in their IGCSE qualification during the 2020 Autumn series. Being our 2nd batch of students to face the examination, 5 students out of the 7 achieved grades 6 or above. 65% of the overall grades were 7 or more.

The school was left with a critical juncture following the cancellation of summer 2020 examinations. After closely reviewing the options at hand, we decided to withdraw students and enroll them for the Autumn series. 

The path ahead wasn’t easy for the students. With lockdowns and travel restrictions imposed back to back students had to find ways to keep them motivated and committed. This brought about resilience and determination in them as they took steps to engage in peer study sessions and request for additional support sessions from the educators. 

It was definitely their positive mindset to use the additional time effectively and the hard work put forth brought about the exceptional results. It was a proud moment to see the joy of success in their faces/voices as they received their results. Their achievement speaks volume. This is just the first milestone of the many great achievements to come their way. We wish them all the very best with their future endeavours.