The Digital Learning Initiative (DLI) at the Iman Academy is primarily based on the unique needs of learners in the context of the organization’s culture. The empathetic culture of the Academy’s goal through this Digital Initiative (DI) is to be age-appropriate, time-appropriate, quantity-appropriate and purpose-appropriate in learning. Google for Education has made provisions for our educators to be certified and trained by the finest in the field.

The Google Educator certification has paved the way to confident, credible, caring, community of educators who are equipped with tools it takes to sustain the 21st century learning needs.

Google Certified Trainers


Certified Level 1 (**indicates completion of both Level 1 & 2)

Safa Hanif**

Najma Cassim

Zahra Nazir

Fazla Haddad

Shazna Jiffry

Amani Ghaffor

Zayaan Zubair

Sumaiya Liyakath

Shaziya Fayas

Tasnim Ismail

Haleema Mohamed

Rizka Rifky

Nashath Cassim

Thafani Saleem

Shafiya Jeinulabdeen

Sadiya Kamel **

Azmina Ameer

Shazeena Miftha