Is Iman Academy for me?

At Iman Academy, we recognize and cultivate each student’s strengths and talents, while providing individualized instruction to meet his or her unique learning needs. Our Enrolment Policies and Procedures are lined in a way we could learn as much as possible about the prospective student while providing information about the school. We consider the benefit of the applicant as an individual as well as the Imanian community as a whole. Consequently, no student is discriminated based on any race, color and/or nationality. All our learners have equal access to rights, resources and educational programs and they are selected purely based on their merits.

Below are the Enrolment Policies and Procedures at Iman Academy.

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1. Completion of Application of Admission

Those interested in enrolling at Iman Academy, should register themselves for Enrolment by making a Registration Fee. This is a process fee covering the cost of potential student assessment and the process of admission. After this, complete the application form and submit along with the following documents.

  • Photographs – Recent coloured passport-size photograph (Student & Parent)

  • Birth Certificate – A copy of student’s birth certificate

  • Passport & Visa – A copy of the pages with holder’s name and details, photo and visa (if applicable)

  • National Identity Card (Sri Lankan only) – A copy of the national identity card

  • Proof of IncomeEmployed – Latest three Salary Slips | Self-Employed/Business – Six months Bank Statements along with Business Registration

  • School Reports & Testimonials

  • Vaccination Record


2. Review of Applications

  • A personal interview will be conducted with the student and parents as part of the admission
  • Admission committee will review each application and supporting documents before a decision is made.
  • School reserves the right to deny or revoke admission to students if records show false or misleading information on application

3. Enrolment Priority

Enrolment priority is according to the following guidelines:

  • Siblings of children of Iman Academy on a first come, first served
  • Children of full-time Educators of Iman Academy on a first come, first served

Note : Admission to Year 1, for children who complete the ELC program is not automatic. They will have to go through a new registration.

4. Age Guidelines

Guidelines for Toddler and Nursery levels:

Child will be administered an age appropriate screening to determine readiness for appropriate grade placement. Child must be fully toilet trained before admittance to school.

  • Toddler child must have completed 3 years of age by December
  • Nursery child must have completed 4 years of age by December
  • Reception child must have completed 5 years of age by December
  • Grade 1 child must have completed 6 years of age by December

Iman Academy uses DAP guidelines that focus on growth and development, rather than age alone. Therefore, the above age guidelines are flexible depending on each individual.

We acknowledge the importance of education to all. Unfortunately, the school at present is not fully resourced to accommodate students with certain learning difficulties. Hence, the admission of students with learning difficulties may depend on each individual child on case by case basis.

While we understand your great need to get a good education for your child, please do understand our inability to accommodate all who apply.

For any further admission inquiries please email, info@iman.academy or call us on +94 716 111 999.