The mission and curriculum that we aspire at Iman Academy is that which is founded on the understanding that value-based education paves the path to spreading goodness to humanity. Central to the success of this goal is the commitment to an outstanding program that teaches our students;

Strong value system,

To think critically,

To communicate clearly,

To collaborate effectively, and

To contribute meaningfully as students and

While developing the self-awareness and self-confidence needed to engage with the intellectual, emotional, and social tasks before them, our students are challenged and supported by a talented faculty, that is dynamic, inspiring, well trained, creative, and committed to our mission and program. This however is not possible without dynamic knowledge and the internalization of good values and moral teachings. It encourages learning and development, consistent with the system of value-based education; as an education that is relevant to its time and era and integrates knowledge, life and social skills, so as to generate responsible members of the community, nation and the world.

Key Features